Clear & Brilliant Skin for The Spring!

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Simply smart.

Welcome to a brilliant new approach to laser skin enhancement.

It is the time of year in which we all feel the need for a pick me up; especially for our skin. After the winter we notice dull, tired skin on our faces. The climate wreaks havoc on our skin function leading to dehydration, congestion and irregularities in texture and tone. So what can we do?

Here at the clinic, we highly recommend our Clear and Brilliant treatment for a spring refresh! This gentle laser treats your skin from the inside out by using laser energy to create millions of microscopic zones. This process replaces damaged skin with healthier, younger looking tissue. Clear and Brilliant is safe for all skin types and has a minimal downtime. The day of the treatment you will be pink and experience a mild warming sensation. The feeling during treatment is very tolerable as we apply a numbing cream pre-session.

This treatment is for anyone looking to improve an even uniform tone, smoother skin, minimized pore appearance and naturally radiant skin. Clear and Brilliant is both corrective and preventative and even safe for our younger patients and those who have melasma. For optimal results, we have found that anywhere from 3-6 treatments is recommended.

Spring is around the corner, don’t wait! Book a consultation with us to get Clear and Brilliant skin you deserve!

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