Combination Treatment for The Aging Face

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In the past we did not have the many options that we have today. Nowadays we have multi-vectored approach which allows us to treat all the visible signs of aging. Commonly, aging skin requires more than just one type of treatment. As we age the skin starts to develop sun damage, fine lines and dullness. Around the eyes and forehead crow’s feet form and frown lines appear. Our face begins to lose volume and we start to see hollowness and folds. We then will lose elasticity and notice a loosening of the skin.

Luckily we can help with all of these issues by combining treatments for each individual concern. By following these steps we can guide you through the most effective approach to the aging face.

A good start is to begin with getting your skin to a healthy state. A VISIA Complexion Analysis is recommended to begin with, it gives a detailed report on your skin and provides a good baseline to begin your journey.

We offer the best medical skin care programs which can transform your skin, ridding it of unwanted spots, sun damage, and dullness and achieve visibly fewer lines. Skin is more luminous, glowing and smooth. We often combine lasers or peels (for more textural improvement) or IPL (for red vessels/spots) if needed depending on the condition of the skin.

For crow’s feet and forehead lines, Botox is the way to go! It doesn’t only treat wrinkles; it prevents them from getting deeper. Botox will give you a more relaxed and rested appearance.

Dermal filler is the answer to re-volumize the hollowness and deep folds we develop over time. This treatment will restore the natural youthfulness to your face.

To address loose skin, patients have a choice of non-invasive skin tightening such as the Venus Legacy to gradually firm the skin and re-build collagen. This treatment is very comfortable and has no downtime. You may also opt for a more definitive result such as surgery. We offer face & neck lifts, brow lifts and eyelid surgery.

This can sound overwhelming however, not all this is done in one visit. This is a gradual process that takes time but we will be here to help guide you every step of the way with your own personalized treatment plan!

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