My First Clear and Brilliant treatment!

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“This morning, I was able to experience my first Clear and Brilliant treatment in the office with Doreen, one of our skilled Medical Aestheticians.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the technology, Clear and Brilliant is a safe, gentle fractional laser that refreshes your skin from the inside out; great for the holiday season or before special events! As I learned more about the features and benefits of the laser I knew I wanted to try this out for myself.

I was interested in this procedure as I was looking to improve on superficial texture, evening out my skin tone and minimizing pores. I love the idea of this treatment because you can use it to prevent signs of aging, maintain and improve the integrity of the skin. I have great skin care habits but every once in awhile it needs a boost (especially at this time of year), so I chose Clear and Brilliant.

Before the treatment, Doreen applied a numbing cream to help relieve any mild discomfort I might experience during the process of the treatment. This was a quick procedure and requires very minimal downtime. The laser can treat even darker skin tones and help brighten dull, uneven hyper pigmented skin. During the treatment, I felt warm on the treatment zones and it felt mildly scratchy- almost like a cat’s tongue. I found it very tolerable, especially with the numbing cream.

Before I knew it, we were done! Immediately post procedure, Doreen applied a wonderful cooling mask and serum which felt great. My skin was moderately pink and felt like a bit of a sunburn. I did not apply anything else to my skin today- as I let it the treatment do it’s own work! I can go back to my regular skin care routine in a day or two.

By next week, I can expect to see my skin brighter and smoother, just in time for Christmas! I will need at least 2 more treatments to see the full benefit of course, but I’m excited to see the progress made already. Ideally, I will book my treatments 3-4 weeks apart to see the quickest results.”

I highly recommend this treatment for anyone wanting to treat their skin, who don’t want a lengthy downtime or invasive treatment. Plus, for the rest of December, we are offering Clear and Brilliant treatments for only $275.00 (a $50.00 savings)! Come in for a treatment or pre pay towards a new, fresh skin for 2018. Looking forward to seeing you at the Facial Surgery & Cosmetic Center and Happy Holidays!

Kimberly Bode Ferguson
Medical Aesthetician, Facial Surgery and Cosmetic Centre

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