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What is “GSR”?


“Getting Skin Ready” is the essential first step to achieving healthy skin.

It is a simple system of cleanse, exfoliate and tone. 

This system works to normalize skin functions and optimize the effectiveness of all products/programs you will use after. These simple steps contribute to sebum control and prevent induction and progression of chronic inflammation and pigment conditions resulting from excess sebum output.

How would it help my skin?


Excess sebum is detrimental to skin health. Sebum control is a critical step in skin health restoration to help prevent and control inflammatory conditions.

Inflammation is induced by many elements, including: disease, UV light, excess sebum and long-term use of topical irritants. It is the immune system’s innate response against internal and external assaults. Inflammation is a normal and essential defense mechanism to keep the body healthy and is necessary for injury repair. However, if such acute inflammation is not treated, chronic inflammation will result, which is destructive.

GSR can be used to:

  • treat cellular dysfunction
  • diminish the skin’s sensitivity
  • aid in treating dyschromia
  • help to boost the benefits of your treatments
  • help with healing
  • help to slow accelerated aging
  • promote better skin texture

This routine can then be followed by a program designed to stimulate your skin. Always work with your Medical Aesthetician in order to decide what ZO products are the best to be included into your routine and enjoy beautiful, healthy and strong skin.

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