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NEW GrenzCine™ Serum with Vitamin C

By February 6, 2017 No Comments

We are excited to be part of an exclusive launch of a revolutionary advancement in skin care. GrenzCine™ serum from Platine, is the first multi-layer and multi-functional anti-aging serum resulting in beautiful, more luminous, thicker and healthier skin.

This innovative serum offers the benefit of Polyamine-DAB, and  Vit C USP formulation with Vivier Intradermal System for superior penetration.

GrenzCine™ is a breakthrough skin care serum targeting the skin from the “outside in” and boosting collagen from the “inside out”. This innovative serum brings an unparalleled skin repair and collagen boosting effect.  This patented technology gives the right balance of cell process stimulation to properly heal, repair and rejuvenate the skin to its normal health and beautiful state.

Patients should expect more firmness and hydration, thicker epidermis and epidermal junction, reduction in trans epidermal loss, diminished fine lines and wrinkles, increased luminosity, improved skin tone, texture and elasticity.

This is a perfect compliment after procedures because it speeds up healing post-treatment, improves stressed and irritated skin, activates collagen, helps repair the cellular DNA and works as UV protection.

Please ask one of our medical aestheticians if GrenzCine™ is the serum for you!


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