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Importance of Skin Care – It’s Gender Neutral

By February 1, 2018 No Comments

Our skin is our first line of defence. It protects all of our vital organs, venous system and protects us from infections and foreign materials amongst many other functions. Skin works very hard for us! Why should women be the only ones caring about this?

More and more, we are seeing men taking better care of their skin! At the Centre, I have seen an increase in men coming in with concerns recently. This is so refreshing. I am so pleased to see this shift, finally! Skin care does not have to be and should not be reserved for women only. We are talking about skin health when we talk about skin care, not just vanity. The fact is, sometimes men need just as much attention as women do. We know sun exposure is the biggest cause of aging, and guess what? Professionals who work outside may notice accelerated aging and unhealthy skin due to exposure to the elements, and lack of good sun protection.

When we get a sunburn, cut or scrape, we all tend to the injury in the same way. We all wear shoes to protect our feet and gloves to protect our hands. How we care for ourselves should be the same whether we are male or female. This approach should be taken for skin care as well! We must all be aware of the importance to protect our skin because it is in our best health interest. When we use skin care products, we are protecting ourselves from skin cancer, skin diseases, inflammation, and oxidization and damaging effects from the environment.

The best part is, if men want to begin looking after their skin, it doesn’t have to be complicated. The use of a proper cleanser, moisturizer and daily sunscreen is all you have to do. Love your skin and it will love you back!


Kimberly Bode Ferguson

Medical Aesthetician, Facial Surgery & Cosmetic Centre

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