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Laser In a Tube!?

By January 5, 2017 No Comments


World-renowned, head dermatologist, founder and medical director of ZO Skin Health, Inc. and Obagi Skin Health Institute of Beverly Hills, as well as author of “The Art of Skin Health”, Zein Obagi is a pioneer in advanced skincare solutions. Zein Obagi calls the Ossential Advanced Radical Night Repair, his Laser in a tube!!!

This high concentration 1% retinol has a patented-slow release micro delivery system. This means it will continue to feed the cells retinol, equally throughout the time it’s on the skin. It is designed to deliver rapid results and address multiple signs of aging, such as wrinkles, large pores, uneven texture and uneven pigmentation.  It also helps healthy, new skin cells to emerge to the surface for a smoother surface and brighter complexion. This product will induce a reaction in the skin to produce real change in the skin!

The grand-finale of results with this product is as stunning as a laser treatment and this is why it’s coined the popular nickname, “Laser in a Tube!”

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