Not All Lip Injections Lead to Duck Lips

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“Duck lips” refer to the appearance of lips that are overly large following lip injections. Overfilling the lips can cause this undesirable aesthetic outcome. At the Facial Surgery and Cosmetic Centre (FSCC), our team of experienced physicians and nurse injectors adjusts our technique for each patient to produce a soft and natural looking result. Most women and men want smooth, appealing and well-proportioned lips; this is what we aim for at the FSCC. During the initial consultation, our team will work with you to determine what your lips require for ideal rejuvenation.

It is important to know that the lips can be treated for different reasons such as:


  • Volume loss
  • Downturned upper lip
  • Undefined lip border
  • Lip asymmetry
  • Moisture loss
  • Fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth

Different techniques with dermal fillers can be performed depending on the shape, structure, volume, curvature of your lips. Lip contouring gives distinct definition to the border of the lips; it not only defines the cupid’s bow but can also reduce fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth also known as “smokers lines”. Lip augmentation is another popular dermal filler technique that can add significant volume to the lips making them look fuller and plumper.

Book a consultation with us at The FSCC to determine how we can help you achieve your aesthetic goals.

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