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Liposonix Gen II – My Experience So Far

By September 27, 2012 No Comments

Everyone has a part of their body that bugs them. Remember that Special K commercial with the man sitting at a bar lamenting of the fact he had his mother’s thighs? Well, I have inherited my father’s love handles!

I have always led an active lifestyle, eat healthily, and have been happy with my figure. After turning 45, I noticed “muffin tops” forming on my lower back…not fun!!! So, I increased my exercise to no avail…they remain! And they bother me because they weren’t there before and I feel my pants are starting to fit differently.

6 days ago I underwent a non-surgical treatment that will be launched at the Facial Surgery & Cosmetic Centre of Ottawa this month. It’s called Liposonix Gen II. It uses heat to help destroy the fat cells in a particular outlined area. If you can pinch over an inch of fat, then you are a candidate. The treatment itself took about 30 minutes to treat my lower flanks. There is no freezing required and I managed fine with no analgesic.

The technicians did 3 passes at a higher energy on the first side which they helped talk me through. For the second side, they lowered the energy and did 4 passes which was a breeze! A day or two later, the bruising in the area became apparent and the area was quite swollen. Now, 6 days later, the bruising has started to fade and the swelling is coming down. The area isn’t sensitive to touch at all. I continued with my normal activities throughout!

So now I will patiently wait 8 – 12 weeks until results will be seen. I am excited to see what happens next! I will keep you informed on my progress!


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