My Mummy Tummy Makeover!

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My Mummy Tummy Makeover!


I’ve always been a petite girl. I’ve been a steady 110 lbs for years. My weight doesn’t fluctuate more than 5 pounds. I eat well, low carb, high protein. I could work out more…like most of us. I’ve always been comfortable in my own skin.

And then.. I had children, two adorable little monsters that left a small, uncomfortable, life-preserver of fat around my mid-section as a souvenir.

I’m now 117lb (not much more) but the extra 7 pounds loves to hang out only on my stomach. It wouldn’t even be noticeable if it were evenly distributed.

I’m not a great candidate for liposuction and a tummy tuck is far too severe for me. My best option is the Non-Surgical Fat emulsion and Skin Tightening technology called the Venus Legacy. I invite you to follow along with my progress.

At The Facial Surgery & Cosmetic Centre of Ottawa, I will be getting 1 treatment per week for 8 weeks. Each treatment is 30 minutes long. It consists of using a round hand piece that has small electrodes that emits radiofrequency heat to reduce fat and tighten the skin. It also uses suction to massage, breakdown and circulate the fat through the body to better get rid of it.

I will be blogging periodically about my sessions and progress. Here are my lovely “Before” pictures….



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Written by: Happy Patient of The Facial Surgery & Cosmetic Centre.

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