Lean in 2018 with Venus Legacy

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Today in the Centre, I was able to take the place of many of my patients and become one myself. I have wanted to get back to using the Venus Legacy for body contouring for a few years now. In the past, I have used the Body Contouring platform to treat my abdomen and thighs and loved the results! I always wanted to revisit the treatment as I saw improvement with smoothness, skin tone and circumferential reduction. At the time, I knew it was working but didn’t realize how effective it actually was until I discontinued treatments. Here I am now a few years older, and noticing certain zones like my upper arms aren’t looking as great as they used to! Although I live a healthy lifestyle, I am in need of a boost.

Arms have a tendency to reflect congestion and toxin build up in your system, leading to sagging, cellulite and lack of tone. Especially after the indulgent holiday season, I of course noticed this area more. Add aging to the mix and we begin to lose the look we once had in those old pictures? The Venus Legacy is non-invasive and uses magnetic pulse and radio frequency to heat the treatment zone for about 15 minutes; allowing for firming, lipolysis and stimulation of the collagen and elastin in the area. The treatment felt very comfortable, warm and was relaxing as I remember it being. It is just like a hot stone massage… who wouldn’t like that?

I had my first of 8-10 treatments today and will aim to do one every 7-10 days for best results. We took some great before photos and measurements so that we can look back and see the difference the treatment has made. I can’t wait to keep using the Venus to help me look my best this year. Stay tuned for the updated results!


Kimberly Bode Ferguson

Medical Aesthetician, Facial Surgery and Cosmetic Centre

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