We all hear about our skin’s barrier function, but not all of us really know how important it is and how keep it healthy. As a physical, chemical, and immunological barrier, it prevents penetration of harmful substances and excessive transepidermal water loss. We do not currently know all of the intricate mechanisms of the barrier function, but we do know that the barrier function can be repaired. The skin’s normal barrier function depends on a 40-day-cycle of epidermal renewal, the KMC (Keratinocyte Maturation Cycle).This cycle is the foundation of the skin restoration because without adequate epidermal exfoliation and subsequent replacement with fresh, active cells, skin health is compromised.

A properly regulated KMC is essential for the production of skin that is naturally hydrated and tolerant of detrimental external stimulation. What you want to have is a normal KMC which is approximately 40-days .The cycle can be lengthened as a result of intrinsic aging, photoaging, and the use of inadequate moisturizers and topical products or treatments. The main objective of using medical grade active products with the proper visits to your skin care specialist is to restore normal maturation cycles, which restores optimal skin barrier functions. Normal barrier function, in turn, increases skin tolerance. Skin should have developed a good level of tolerance before or during undergoing rejuvenation procedures for optimal results.

If you want to know more about the quality of your skin right now and how to properly take care of it book a consultation with one of our Medical Aestheticians who will assess your skin and advise you during the whole process of evaluation, treatments and maintenance.


The Art of Skin Health

Dr. Zein E. Obagi M.D

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