Your Beautiful Nose… How Did You Get It?

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Your nose is the most prominent feature on your face, second only to your eyes. Its size and shape anchor the rest of your facial features creating a natural balance and flow. The length of your nose, for instance, should be a direct correlation to the size of your eyes, your lips, your eye brows, and even your chin and cheeks! These are features Dr. Antoniak uses to help create a natural, aesthetically pleasing nose to meet his patients’ ideals and expectations.

The gold standard medical procedure to correct any nasal deformity still remains a surgical procedure called rhinoplasty. With surgery, the width, height, and shape of the nose can be addressed. Previous breaks that have led to deformities or breathing problems can also be corrected. Dr. Antoniak treats all his rhinoplasty patients at the Riverside Hospital in the day surgery suite. The Facial Surgery & Cosmetic Centre of Ottawa offers digital imaging to help make your surgical decision an educated one by showing the patient the changes discussed during their consultation. This enables the patient to picture what the surgical results will be and allows clear communication of your expectations to our Chief Surgeon.

A non-surgical option that The Facial Surgery & Cosmetic Centre of Ottawa also offers is the use of hyaluronic acid dermal fillers to fix smaller nose issues! (No pun intended!) Fillers are clear gels that can be injected along the nasal bridge to help hide bumps or irregularities, help create a straighter looking nose or help build up the bridge itself. Nose fillers are not for everyone and cannot correct every nasal concern, but are a fast and natural way to help improve a nose where surgery may not be an option.

Come in and ask us about our surgical and non-surgical options for helping your most prominent facial feature, your nose, be the shape you always wished for!

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