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Washing Your Face – The Basics

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As skin care professionals, we always talk about how important a skin care routine is. Here are a few ways to make sure you are doing it right from the beginning!

1. Cleanse your skin twice a day (morning and night). We are exposed to the environment, which means that dirt and pollution build up on our outer skin layer. Not removing all of this dirt at the end of the day can cause skin irritation, inflammation and breakouts. At night, germs from our pillowcase are transferred with dirt and oils from our skin and hair. A cleanse in the morning ensures that our products will absorb better too.

2. Avoid using water that is too hot. Use lukewarm water as hot water can dry out and irritate the skin, stripping it of natural oils. Also, hot water can dilate delicate vessels in sensitive skin.

3. Use more than a facial wipe. Cleaning your face with a cleansing cloth is not enough. The cloths are made with preservatives that allow them to be shelf-stable and sit in your bathroom without growing bacteria and fungus. They also leave behind a residue. Use them first to remove makeup then rinse away residue and oils and with a gentle cleanser.

4.Put down the scrub brush. Quite often, people over use facial brushes and scrubbing pads which lead to irritation, spread of bacteria and  create microscopic abrasions on the face. Although these tools feel like they give you a deep clean, reserve them for a special occasion as over use is doing more harm than good. Create bubbles in your hands with your facial cleanser and let your fingertips do the work. Use gentle, circular motions.

5. Dry off properly. The best thing to use is a face towel or paper towel to pat dry your face. Using a bath towel on your face risks transferring dirt and bacteria from other areas! Also, use fresh washcloths every day as reusing them can encourage bacteria and mold growth.


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Happy Cleansing!

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