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It’s just as important to wash your face in the morning as at night!

A lot of us tend to skip the morning cleanse because “The only thing that’s happened since the face-wash eight hours prior is sleep”.


It’s hard to keep everything in your bed totally clean. Plus, you can sweat during the night, so you wind up with impurities and pollutants on your skin and on our pillows, which are often littered with bacteria. Our bodies also go though metabolic processes, releasing toxins, and that ramps up while sleeping.

If you don’t wash your face in the morning, those substances plus creams, sunscreen and the makeup that you apply on top of all that will be on your skin for the rest of your day clogging your pores. And, if you are trying to combat aging most likely you’ve used retinols at night which can  interact with the sun and cause more free radical damage, this isn’t great news because free-radical damage is at the heart of aging cells, and they can lead to everything from hyper-pigmentation to fine lines and wrinkles.

Our suggestion at the Facial Surgery and Cosmetic Centre of Ottawa, is to wash your face thoroughly twice a day, morning and night, and to use products with medical or pharmaceutical ingredients that do a good job on your skin. We recommend The ZO “GSR” (Getting Skin Ready) for normal to dry skin or for all skin types or using a Vivier cleanser that has both antibacterial and antimicrobial components in them.

Blog by Doreen – Medical Aesthetician

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