Endoscopic Browlift

Refresh Your Facial Appearance with an Endoscopic Browlift.

Is an Endoscopic Browlift right for me?

Relieve forehead lines and lift your brow to open up your eyes and brighten the face

Endoscopic Browlifts corrects the appearance of a  ‘heavy’ brow and upper eye area, and relieves furrowing and frown lines, giving your face a more open, brighter, and tighter look.

Quick and effective, minimally invasive Day-Surgical Procedure – 1 hour under sedation

  • Initial consultation with one of our highly qualified surgeons to determine if the patient is a good candidate for surgery.
  • A detailed pre-operative appointment is scheduled with a Registered Nurse 2 weeks prior to surgery
  • Typically performed in our own fully accredited surgical facility under sedation with an anesthesiologist
  • Length of surgery is approximately 1 hour plus prep and recovery time.
  • Patient will go home with a facial band dressing to be worn for up to a week
  • A follow-up is scheduled 1 week post procedure

Why get your Browlift with us at Facial Surgery & Cosmetic Centre of Ottawa?

You are in the hands of expert and reputable professionals

  • Over 30 years experience of surgical expertise  with Dr. Antoniak
  • A more private, personal experience at our own Accredited Surgical Facility
  • Our availability to our patients
  • Continuity of care – from the moment a patient starts his/her journey to the end result and forward
  • Competitive prices

Meet your Browlift team

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