Facial Liposuction

Reveal Your Strong Jawline for a Dramatic, Natural, Rejuvenated Look with Facial Liposuction

Is Facial Liposuction right for me?

Enhance your profile and reduce the appearance of a double- or weak-chin, and eliminate hereditary fat

Facial Liposuction uses a state-of-the-art power assisted technique to targets those stubborn, localized deposits of fat cells that don’t respond to diet or exercise, and minimize bruising.  Often, Facial Liposuction is combined with Chin Implants for a dramatic reshaping of the face.

A one-hour day surgical procedure with minimal downtime and discomfort – improvement in weeks, full results in 6 months

Each patient can expect:  

  • Consult on, needs, expectations, and outcomes
  • A pre-op appointment 2 weeks ahead of the procedure
    • Consent forms
    • Before pictures
    • Pre-op procedures and guidelines etc.
    • Teaching
  • Day surgery in clinic, under local anesthetic, when done as a stand alone procedure or with Chin Implants.
  • A micro cannula inserted through 4 tiny incisions, usually under the chin and behind the earlobes. Surgery takes less than an hour
  • Up to 5 days healing time.
  • Improvements visible in 1-2 weeks, though skin around the reshaped areas will continue to contour around the new, underlying shape for up to 6 months

Why Get your Facial Liposuction Treatment with us at Facial Surgery & Cosmetic Centre of Ottawa?

You’re in the hands of the most expert and reputable professionals:

  • Over 30 years experience of surgical expertise  with Dr. Antoniak
  • Our priority is understanding the patient needs
  • Customized and careful methodology
  • Thorough follow up care and support throughout the journey.
Concerns: Some down time, post-operation.

Meet your Facial Liposuction team

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