Clarify Skin, Improve Tone, Reduce Lines and Wrinkles and more with Fractora Treatments

Is FractoraTM right for me?

Fractora Treatments Diminish Spots and Acne, Tighten Pores and Contract Skin

This multi-application treatment works to contract jowls and lax submental skin, and to decrease the appearance of acne and brown spots. This is a home run treatment for neck and jawline laxity. Fractora™ Treatments might be right if for:

  • Fine and deeper lines and wrinkles
  • Acne
  • Acne scars
  • Lax Skin
  • Uneven skin color

An easy, intensive, non-invasive treatment to improve skin overall skin appearance and quality

  • Go over any questions the patient may have about the treatment
  • Remove makeup or any creams from the surface of the skin
  • Take before pictures
  • Numb the skin for comfort during the treatment
  • Perform the treatment for the desired area
  • Review the post-treatment procedure with the patient and book a 2 week follow up
  • Call the patient the next day after the treatment to be sure the skin is healing properly

Why get your Fractora™ Treatments with us at Facial Surgery & Cosmetic Centre of Ottawa?

You are in the hands of experts who prioritize patient needs

  • Highly trained Medical Aestheticians that will be sure results and safety go hand and hand
  • The most advanced Radio Frequency Skin tightening technology to ensure the best results for the patient with the least downtime
  • Thorough Post procedure follow-ups
Considerations: Consultation will address any questions about the procedure and address:
Available downtime
Post procedure sun-exposure
Current medications / medical history

Meet your Fractora™ treatment team

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