Improve Skin Health and Appearance and Reveal Your Glowing Complexion with GliSODin Nutricosmetics

Are GliSODin Nutricosmetics right for me?

Restore skin Health, Reduce Recovery Time.

GliSODin works to increase your absorption of antioxidants, and combats the appearance of fine and deep lines.  It helps minimize healing time from other procedures and improves overall energy levels. GliSODin

  • Restores overall skin health and appearance
  • Minimizes recovery time following cosmetic procedures
  • Minimizes bruising and swelling after cosmetic procedures

Nutricosmetic care – Faster recovery, Better Overall Skin health

  • GliSODin is a Nutricosmetic, a fusion of nutrition and cosmetic care, support the structure and function of the skin. Taken orally, they are designed to improve skin health and appearance. Transforming the North American beauty industry, nutricosmetiics have been popular in Europe and Asia for years.Why GliSODin skin nutrients? The products contain ingredients with proven efficacy for a targeted mechanism of action. Sourced from Europe and North America, and meeting the highest standards of quality, ingredients have been specially selected for their benefit to the skin and for their healing and restorative properties.ISOCELL is a Paris-based biotech company with its origins in immunotherapy. Specializing in medical nutrition and, specifically, products that reduce oxidative stress, it is one of the top French laboratories in aging research and owns five international patent families for research on aging, and for products that support the immune system and protect the body against external aggressions and aging at the cellular level. ISOCELL is the only company offering a bioactive form of superoxide dismutase (SOD): GliSODin.

Why Get your GliSODin Treatment with us at Facial Surgery & Cosmetic Centre of Ottawa?

You’re in the hands of the most expert and reputable professionals:

  • Our priority is understanding the patient needs
  • Highly trained staff in all our products
  • Superior products to  support patient care. Everything is well researched and contains only quality pharmaceutical ingredients.
Concerns: Any areas of concern are discussed between patient and RN.

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