Photo Rejuvenation

Rejuvenate your skin with Photo-Rejuvenation with IPL – Intense Pulsed Light

Is Photo-Rejuvenation with IPL right for me?

Clarify Skin and reduce the appearance of blemishes and problem areas

IPL starts with Visia Assessment for a clear picture of what’s below the skin surface and sets a baseline for us to set up your unique program.  Using Lumecca and Cynosure, we treat to improve or repair the following skin concerns: rosacea and flushing, wrinkles, texture problems, freckles, sun spots, visible veins, and discolored stretch marks and scars.

A non-invasive, technologically-advanced process for clearer skin; results in just 2 to 3 sessions.

  • We begin by thoroughly cleaning the skin then apply a thin layer of gel to couple light to the targeted area of the skin.
  • We ensure you are completely safe and protected by maintaining selected wavelengths appropriate for you skin type and skin condition. Proper eyewear is essential to protect the delicate eye area.
  • Our certified medical aestheticians will perform IPL or Intense Pulsed Light on the area of concern.
  • We use the Lumecca IPL system by Inmode as well as the Icon platform by Cynosure – medical grade devices delivering high peak power for superior outcomes in less time.  
  • The pieces are designed with integrated cooling right in the tip of the crystal to optimize patient comfort.
  • During the treatment you will experience a slight hot snap sensation, with each pulse of light but will dissipate quickly.
  • Each treatment takes about 30-45 minutes depending on what areas we are treating.  We typically suggest between 2 or 3 sessions spaced about a month apart for optimum results.

Why get your IPL treatments with us at Facial Surgery & Cosmetic Centre of Ottawa?

You are in the hands of expert and reputable professionals.

  • Your safety is our priority! We work directly under the directive of our surgeons and medical doctors. Combing over 40 years of medical aesthetic experience.
  • Individually tailored.  Our approach is tailored to your needs.  
  • Rigorous follow-up.  Following IPL treatments we assess treatment response by doing a follow up Visia! It’s a great way to measure your results!
  • We’re always training to improve the quality of care offered at Facial Surgery & Cosmetic Centre of Ottawa
Considerations: Most patients are quite pink immediately following the IPL procedure and may develop some localized swelling for a few days.

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