PRP with Microneedling

Rejuvenate both Skin and Scalp with Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)

Is PRP with Microneedling right for me?

Improve skin complexion and elasticity and regenerate your scalp with our precise Microneedling approach

On skin, PRP works with your own platelets to decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, brighten skin complexion, and promote skin elasticity by supplying platelet rich blood to the areas that need it most. For hair, it boosts the regeneration of the hair bulb environment by Increasing blood supply to scalp and developing stronger, thicker and healthier hair

A simple and effective treatment for skin and scalp, with minimal discomfort.

  • Review and sign consent form
  • Take pictures of the area to be treated
  • Cleanse skin/scalp with antiseptic
  • Collect small sample of blood from patient
  • Centrifuge vial of blood (5 min) to isolate plasma & platelets
  • Put on gloves, mask and eye shields
  • Draw up plasma & platelets from vial into syringe.
  • Inject plasma & platelets into the skin and/or scalp using U225 microneedling gun.
  • Review post treatment instructions.

Why Get Your PRP with Microneedling with us at Facial Surgery & Cosmetic Centre of Ottawa?

You’re in the hands of professionals with the most experience with PRP

  • First cosmetic clinic in Ottawa to provide PRP treatments.
  • Safe and sterile technique
  • Specialized equipment from Europe (U225 mesotherapy gun)
Concerns: Any concerns can be addressed during your consultation

Meet your PRP Microneedling Team

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